Job title: Full-stack Web Trainer

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Information Technology and Networks

  • Create, update and prepare training material including but not limited to: presentations, worksheets, tasks, exercises, projects briefs, training roadmap and weekly schedule of the topics, etc.
  • Use the provided platform  to create, store, and manage trainees progress, tasks, exercises, progress, assessments and evaluation.
  • Deliver excellent training adhere to active-learning pedagogy and project-based.


  • Put trainees under situation having to search for the information, and create a knowledge transfer cooperative environment.
  • Ability to encourage group work, facilitate communication between trainees.
  • Assess trainees on a weekly basis and deliver oral and written feedback and assessment, and to prepare and do project technical evaluation for each project through the roadmap.
  • Participate in regular meetings with the team and trainees to monitor the quality of the course
  • Develop and maintain positive respectful relationships with trainees and all involved people in the academy.
  • Participating in the pedagogical meetings between’s International Pedagogical Manager and the Orange Jordan training team, as well as in meetings related to project management with a Project Manager.
  • Improve and train your technical, instructional, and personal skills to ensure delivering the best training.
  • Stay updated with all technologies updates and to be open to all new tech resources for future use and implementation.
  • Manage and mentor the assistant trainer, set suitable tasks, provide challenges to improve.
  • Responsible for the assistant trainer objectives and appraisal.

  • Project Management, Problem Solving, Communication Skills;

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
  • +5 years of hands-on experience working, writing codes, and building full web applications
  • Proven experience building web applications / Websites
Posted On
05 Jun, 2024
30 Sep, 2024

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