Job title: Cybersecurity Operations Expert

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Cyber Security
Network & Information Security

  • Responsible for handling the Network Cybersecurity operations and responding to related security incidents according to the followed IR procedures.
  • Handling network forensics investigation as requested by the management as required by the IR procedure.
  • Responsible for handling the PAM operations and controlling the privileged access sessions to the critical systems in the company
  • Investigate the network threat incidents and access violation attempts once detected or reported from internal or external alerting systems.
  • Participate in Security Assessments of networks, systems, and applications.
  • Monitor and proactively respond to the reported or detected threats and vulnerabilities
  • Follow up on the newly released IoCs and implement the necessary ones to the intrusion prevention and other security systems.
  • Coordinate, escalations and collaborate with internal & External technology teams to ensure timely resolution of issues.
  • Ensure compliance with the organization policies and the Information Security policies as building and running the Cybersecurity operational procedures.
  • Take part in advanced security technology discussions with different NIS departments and ITN.

  • Problem Solving, Communication Skills, Cyber Security;

  • Bachelor degree or Master’s degree in Cybersecurity, Information security, Computer Science or computer engineering supported by Cybersecurity certificates.
  • Must have at least 7 years of experience in the Cybersecurity field and already worked on multiple security platforms, operating systems, software, communications, and network protocols.
  • Certifications: such as: CCNA, EC-CEH, EC-CSA, EC-CHFI, LPT, CISA, CISSP, GCIH, GREM, MCSE….
  • Practical experience and training on the different Cybersecurity systems like SIEM,VA scanners, PAM,IPS/IDS, FW, Malware analysis, Digital Forensics, UBA,IAM…
Posted On
28 Mar, 2024
31 May, 2024

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