Job title: Order Processing Advisor

Job type
Job Level
Fresh Graduate
Sourcing and Supply Chain

  • Work closely with the Sourcing team & stakeholders to create & issue accurate POs, ensuring relevant sourcing procedures have been applied and all supporting documentations are attached according to the Sourcing policy and processes.
  • Share POs with the suppliers & stakeholders and properly file them, follow up with the supplier to acknowledge receipt of the POs, and provide the requested bank guarantees if any.
  • Respond quickly to requester/supplier inquiries about purchase order status, changes or cancellations, or any inquiry regarding the Sourcing Policy.
  • Track and follow up on the Open POs, communicate with the stakeholders, and get the required approval to close them properly as per the sourcing policy.
  • Receiving, Maintaining, and following up on time sourcing bank guarantees (Performance Bond, Advance Payment, and Maintenance Bond) or any other received bank guarantees for wholesale or sales units.
  • Properly monitor, evaluate, and improve supplier performance, according to the sourcing policy using the QREDIC tool & Oracle system or any other tool, and report on this regularly.
  • Properly monitor and assess the suppliers' performance in terms of CSR.
  • Prepare all needed reports requested by his direct manager.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by his/her direct manager.

  • Good Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork Skills, English Language Proficiency, Computer Skills;

  • -Bachelor's Degree in Business administration, accounting, finance & banking
  • -Preferred back-office experience.
Posted On
01 Feb, 2024
15 Feb, 2024

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