Job title: Power & AC Engineer

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Fresh Graduate
Information Technology and Networks

  • Prepare and follow up maintenance schedules for Power,  A/C , Generator , solar Systems   and Safety equipment  to ensure  the implementation of these plans at high quality level and proper operation of the equipment.
  • Repair the failures of Power and A/C ( DC systems, batteries , AC panels , ATS , Generators ,Solar Systems , fire systems and UPS's )  within predefined time to ensure proper and  high efficiency operation of equipment.
  • Provide field training for the technicians to ensure the continuous improvement of their performance and update their competencies to cope with new technologies.
  • Monitor and supervise logistic operations of the materials, spare parts, tools and whatever needed  to operate and maintain power and A/C equipment with high  efficiency at the lowest cost .
  • Supervise the  installations and redeployment  of power and A/C equipment to ensure compliance with tender documents and specification and according to programmed plans to reduce cost and optimize resources .
  • Participate in Setting tender specifications, spare parts lists to be according to Orange needs, and requirements, and within the allocated budget.
  • Prepares periodic reports about equipment status with recommendations to team leader to reduce operation and maintenance cost.
  • Ensure that all the technicians are committed to the safety Rules of Orange ( helmets, Isolated Gloves , Safety Shoes ….) .
  • Working with the bad weather ( rain & snow ) on live electricity.


  • Problem Solving, Teamwork Skills, Communication Skills, Organized;

  • - Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.
  • - Driving License - Manual Transmission
  • - Driving License - Manual Transmission
  • - Very good Knowledge of Microsoft office applications.
Posted On
04 Jan, 2024
08 Feb, 2024

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