Job title: Network, service platform, IT and Services Supervisory Engineer

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Fresh Graduate
Information Technology and Networks

  • To Supervise the networks alarms on 24/7.
  • To handle the customer individual/mass complaints on 24/7 according to the agreed ITN-BU SLAs.
  • To diagnose faults properly so that faults are dispatched to the right team and on-time (to save time, cost & efforts).
  • To report faults (through FT creation & phone calls) on time

    • To create incident SMS for all types of incidents (minor, major & critical) to alert all concerned in ITN and BUs.
    • To apply the escalation procedure when faults exceed the target TTR (Time To Repair).
    • To follow-up with the faults resolutions until  they are finally resolved
    • To support the field teams in minimizing the outages durations.
    • To be an active player in the “crisis management” processes.
    • To act as information gateway internally and externally (SPOC).
    • To provide "networks faults analysis"/"network unavailability per cause" reports.

  • Good Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork Skills, Computer Skills;

  • Bachelor degree in Telecommunications Engineering or related fields.
  • Knowledge in Mobile NW (LTE, 3G, 2G), Data NW (ADSL, LL ..etc), Transmission NW (SDH/PDH), Fixed Swithcing (PSTN/OCB) & TDM LL platforms (Tellindus).
  • Knowledge in IT systems, Databases, and Operating Systems ( Win, Unix ..etc
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken.
  • Communication and analytical skills.
  • Steadiness under pressure of work.
Posted On
21 Jan, 2024
31 Mar, 2024

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