Job title: Legal Expert

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Legal and Regulatory

- Draft, review and amend Agreements (simple to complex).
- Develop policies and procedures for the Company.
- Working with Management, Operations and Finance Departments to ensure all work is in compliance with the Laws.
- Prepare and draft legal opinions, reports and research papers.
- Corporate work including but not limited to (Articles and Memorandum of Association, company registration, listings, mergers, acquisitions, minutes of meetings both General Assemblies and Board of Directors).
- Provide legal consultations to the Company regarding business transactions, claims and lawsuits.
- Registering and following up on Company trademarks, their registration, renewals, objections
- Handling Company litigation whether raised by the Company or against it.
- Providing assistance and legal opinion to the HR Department and handling all personnel issues which may arise.

  • Good Communication, Problem Solving, Negotiation, English Language Proficiency, Computer Skills;

  • - Bachelors or Masters of Law Degree
  • - Minimum five years experience in the legal field
Posted On
22 Oct, 2023
22 Nov, 2023

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