Job title: IP Technical Support Engineer

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Fresh Graduate
Information Technology and Networks

  • Plan and dimension for new projects, integrations, and network expansions

    • Run several operations in IP core and aggregations networks.
    • Participate in data core network design and dimensioning to achieve company business objectives.
    • Define evolution and capacity forecast for the system(s) architecture and dimensioning the networks vertically and horizontal
    • Manage and maintain different routing plans, switching plans, and parameters designed to achieve optimal configurations and maximum resource usage.
    • Perform periodic monitoring on backbone devices and system elements
    • Not limited to expansions, troubleshooting, supporting, etc...
    • Interact and follow up with the vendors during operational problems or when needed.
    • Planning, configuring, and troubleshooting different setups of networks with enterprises from all routing, switching, and security perspectives.
    • Manage to have comprehensive HLD/ LLD/ DLD documentation for all services listed in the task catalog.
    • Manage to have comprehensive HLD/ LLD/ DLD documentation for all networking elements that make up the entire core portion of the network.

  • Project Management, Good Communication, Teamwork Skills, English Language Proficiency;

  • - Good Communication and project management skills.
  • - Good reporting and initiative skills.
  • - Autonomous with the ability to work under stress.
  • - Proficiency in English as a working language is a must.
  • - Good skills in the ability to deal with others at all levels.
  • - Excellent in reporting and effective in communication and presentation.
  • - Quick learner.
Posted On
25 Sep, 2023
26 Oct, 2023

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