Job title: Senior Service Performance Analyst

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Senior Team Member
Information Technology and Networks

  • Perform advanced analysis of large datasets to find patterns related to main services performance.
  • Expose comprehensive results, demonstrate business value, and advise on the way forward by translating data-driven insights into clear decisions and action plans.
  • Define comprehensive service KPIs and optimize related thresholds that should be monitored by NOC team.
  • Ensure the detection of any service degradation (Mobile, Fixed, and digital services) impacting a significant number of customers, before getting a customer complains alert

    • Handle and analyze technical customer complaints and map them with an identified technical issue.
    • Work on call to provide level 2 analysis for any degradation when needed.
    • Customer impact evaluation (number of customers impacted according to the time of the incident).
    • Define with related teams the corrective actions allowing the incident resolution and prevention of future incidents.
    • Manage and control the implementation of the incident, problem, crisis, and change Management Procedures transversally within ITN and work jointly with other OJO units and Orange Group to perform analysis and required modifications on the operational procedures based on best practices and best fit of existing situations to improve process KPIs and the related operational activities in the designated domains.  
    • Action plan definition and follow-up for QOS improvement.
    • Steering of development and progress follow-up of service improvement action plans.
    • Steering of development and progress follow-up of action plans for problem resolution.
    • Publishing of Daily, weekly, and monthly reporting of the service KPIs.

  • Project Management, Good Communication, Problem Solving, Leadership skills (Organization.), English Language Proficiency;

  • - Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Engineering or Computer Engineering.
  • - Minimum 3 years of total experience in the data analysis field.
  • - Excellent Knowledge of Telecom systems, Mobile, Fixed, and IT.
  • - A good experience in Python programming language.
  • - Background in statistics and probability theory.
  • - Ability to work with large data sets.
  • - Aware of data, voice, and digital services used by Orange JO customers.
  • - Excellent in reporting and effective in communication and presentation.
  • - Excellent command of the English language.
  • - Computer literacy (MS Office knowledge).
  • - Big data analysis experience is a plus.
  • - Programming and SQL experience is a plus.
Posted On
25 Sep, 2023
26 Oct, 2023

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