Job title: FabLab & Innovation Technical Engineer

Job type
Job Level
Team Member

  • Lead and Continue the development of the "I Make for my City" winning project, including all technical and operational aspects

    • Report the progress on the "I Make for my City Project"
    • Provide technical expertise to facilitate the development and implementation of innovative projects and programs within the FabLab and Innovation Hub.
    • Ensure effective functioning and maintenance of Innovation Hub equipment and facilities, including computers and VR/AR headsets.
    • Collaborate with stakeholders to identify their needs, support their projects, and promote interdisciplinary collaborations.
    • Provide training, guidance, and support to users of the FabLab and Innovation Hub, helping them acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to use the equipment and tools safely and effectively.
    • Develop and deliver educational programs that promote innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, leveraging emerging technologies as appropriate.
    • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in emerging technologies, and identify opportunities for the FabLab and Innovation Hub to contribute to their advancement and adoption.
    • Engage with external partners to develop collaborations, share best practices, and promote the FabLab and Innovation Hub mission and impact.
    • Manage purchasing, and inventory of materials and supplies needed for the operation of the Innovation Hub and FabLab, and ensure their proper use and storage. 
    • Ad hoc duties as required by the management.
    • Ensure streamlined progress in the "I Make for My City" project
    • Ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of equipment (machines, furniture, etc.).
    • Ensure the technical management of the space, in particular through the implementation of internal regulations, access management, registrations and schedules.
    • Coordinate visits and ensure compliance with the operating charter and the use of equipment.
    • Coordinate the planning for the events with stakeholder and secure the overlap of any other activities.
    • Document, share good practices and evaluate methods according to a plan.
    • Maintain an inventory of the technical resources of the innovation Hub.
    • Help in the planning of activities according to the different target populations.
    • Develop technological solutions for different projects.
    • Keep connection with alumni.
    • Participating in trainee progress stages and evaluation.
    • Plan, prepare, and participate in Innovation Hub PR activities including tours and external events.

  • Project Management, Communication Skills, Creative Thinking;

  • Bachelor in Computer Engineering, IT, or Computer Science
  • 0-2 years of experience
  • Familiarity with at least one of the emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, VR/AR, 5G, and blockchain
  • Familiarity with computer-aided design and digital fabrication
  • Interest in the theme of innovation hubs
Posted On
10 Aug, 2023
31 Dec, 2023

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