Job title: Data Center Technical Facility Expert

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Information Technology and Networks

  • Research, design, fabricate, develop and install technical facility equipment to meet Orange’s requirements in both large and small projects.
  • Consult on technical facility system and equipment design for a wide range of projects, and work with other engineers, project managers, and construction professionals as needed to create and/or modify design parameters.
  • Develop and oversee all aspects of production including Clean Room design, computer modeling, selection of manufacturing methods, fabrication, testing, and implementation of products and systems.
  • Analyze technical facility systems and equipment when necessary to find inefficiencies or malfunctions and create solutions to optimize performance and increase the efficiency of operation.
  • Design testing procedures and control equipment to accurately assess products and identify areas that require modification and further testing.
  • Understand project requirements, goals, design specifications, and operational environments in order to evaluate cost, feasibility, and implementation of new technical facility equipment.
  • Create and submit detailed bids that outline costs and timelines for construction or extraction projects in accordance with deadlines.
  • Perform engineering evaluations, design proposals, specifications manuals, feasibility studies, conceptual and final design, cost estimates, and engineering calculations
  • Evaluate design drawings and calculations for technical facility and HVAC, plumbing components, piping and mechanical systems to satisfy target requirements throughout the design process and contribute to content and direction.
  • Knowledge of ventilation and air conditioning systems and a successful track record of delivering detailed designs to the highest international standards.
  • Knowledge of various data center design codes such as , Tier ,ASHRAE, TIA and other International design codes.  


  • Project Management, Problem Solving, Teamwork Skills, Leadership skills (Organization.), Communication Skills;

  • - Bachelor’s degree of mechanical engineering in plus minimum 8 years experience in the data center technical facility engineering industry preferred in the telecom sector.
  • - Preferred a certified data center candidate or the related domain
  • - Experience using computer technical facility design tools and 3D Modeling programs such as AutoCAD ,Visio,… 
Posted On
31 Jul, 2023
31 Aug, 2023

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