Job title: Senior Wholesale Voice Routing specialist

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Senior Team Member

- Update the routing tables on daily basis to make sure that the best match of (Quality, Cost, Business needs) is met for all customers types and needs.
- Handle Customers Quality complaints by choosing the best available routing approach in order to maintain the best available quality to our customers and to achieve their satisfaction.
- Manage vendors hubbing offers upload and receipt from iXLink to iXTools to guarantee the correct flow of the trading operations.
- Maintain routing database in order to keep a record for any requested special routing and to ease future diagnosis of quality complaints.
- Send amendments to the switching team so they initiate the technical implementation part of any routing request.
- Test routes in order to benchmark all available routing options and choose the best available route for any destination.
- Track cost change of any implemented route to enable the sales team to reflect the cost increase on their selling prices to their customers and to follow up the market cost changes immediately.
- Track traffic quality parameters in order to detect any faulty route and take swift action.
- Monitoring special routing required changes to make sure that margin and cost are optimized.
- Support and Maintain Voice Trading Tool "iXTools" to resolve any issue that may arise and to maintain the system stability.
- Follow up numbering plan updates in the international market to secure the latest up to date products for our customers and to increase wholesale revenues and reduce cost.
- Manage and update wholesale Voice Trading Tools "iXTools" of any change in the network or the business agreements to guarantee the smooth operations of all the wholesale trading functions.
- Monitor the wholesale traffic margin to guarantee that all traffic types are going with the planned margin for them.
- Load balance traffic over the different routes to meet the optimal utilization on the interconnections.

- Double check routing implementation to make sure that the requested route is the one implemented on the switch.
- Manage and analyze CDR extracts related task such as the A# analysis and CDR feed to business partners to maintain and secure the business needs.
- Follow up correct rating of all traffic types inside iXTools to ensure the integrity of all financial related operations in iXTools.
- Analyze, implement and monitor swap deals with our vendors to secure new revenue streams and correctly load balance our traffic with our vendor.
- Follow up the development of Voice Trading Tool related systems and functions.
- Monitor and detect unusual wholesale traffic jumps and raise it to the concerned parties to analyze and take the right decision accordingly.
- Provide targets to the sales team so they can negotiate their vendors to get better prices and to send them traffic and get traffic in return which will increase both inbound and outbound traffic.

  • Good Communication, English Language Proficiency, Analytical and research skills, Computer Skills;

  • - Bachelor Degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
  • - (3-5) Years of experience in the same or a closely related field
  • - Technical background (PSTN, VoIP, capacity management, traffic analysis) is essential
Posted On
07 Jun, 2023
06 Jul, 2023

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