Job title: Cybersecurity Engineering Manager

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Network & Information Security

- Develop and maintain an enterprise security architecture & related detailed High level/ low level designs & network maps from security perspective.
- Responsible for design & planning of short term & long term of networks Cyber security projects.
- Maintain/follow-up due-diligence reports findings and propose related projects to address gaps & security services assurance.
- Specify, follow-up/coordinate project implementation of confidentiality, integrity, and availability security requirements to secure networks/systems infrastructures.
- Propose, plan ,and build new security controls & cyber security solutions including centralized shared managed security services solutions.
- Propose, define, assess and follow-up implementing secure baseline configurations on networks assets or network security devices or solutions such as context-aware firewalls, Software-defined distributed firewalls , Mobile network infrastructure or any other new technologies.
- Ensure that security requirements are adequately addressed throughout the development and acquisition lifecycles for all systems/network security solutions & assets.
- Perform security assessments prior to releasing new project/service to production related to networks/systems security infrastructure.
- Ensure high availability & effectiveness of all deployed networks & systems cyber security solutions (DDoS, APT, IPS, End Points …etc) and perform frequent tuning and rules/policy reviews & service assurance activities based on updated security standards, and updated network changes and any new findings.
- Propose departmental annual budget and plans and follow-up procurement process.

  • Problem Solving, Collaboration, Management, English Language Proficiency, Communication Skills;

  • -Soft skills including: Effective oral and written communication, Issue resolution, Negotiation, forecasting and planning.
  • - Knowledge and experience in networks & systems security architecture design.
  • - Knowledge and experience of NGFW firewalls (Cisco/Fortinet/Juniper/PaloAlto) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Web Application Firewalls (WAF), and Security Information and Event Management systems (SIEM) technologies.
  • - Knowledge and experience in IT systems (OS, Active directory, DNS, Exchange …etc) and software lifecycle management
  • - Solid Knowledge in local and wide-area enterprise networks, routing, switching & network protocols.
  • - Knowledge and experience working with virtualization technologies.
  • - Knowledge and experience/hands-on working in Linux & windows environments.
  • - Knowledge in Wireless & Mobile Networks architecture & design (3G/4G/5G) networks is a plus.
  • - Working hands-on & experience in Security Systems such as Anti-DDoS Solutions or Next generations IPS, Web Application Firewalls, ..etc .
  • - Knowledge and experience in any of the fields : Mobile Network Security, Public Cloud Infrastructure, Software-Defined networks, containers orchestration is a plus.
  • - Knowledge of information security best practices, ITIL, ISO standards, and common risk frameworks is a plus.
  • - Cisco/Juniper/Fortinet/PaloAlto Network Security Certifications or Cyber Defense GIAC certifications is preferred.
Posted On
02 May, 2023
01 Jul, 2023

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