Job title: Senior Intelligent Network Engineer

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Senior Team Member
Information Technology and Networks

- Leads IN projects with moderate complexity and contributes to highly complex projects milestones to ensure successful commercial launch for projects within time plan with no outages.

- Prepare and present projects status and milestones according to department projects plan.

- Support junior engineers in building skills and technical competences to make them aware of network elements architecture by knowledge transfer under team leader supervision.

- Responsible for IN offers and systems design, dimensioning, planning and upgrades (Charging system elements ,Zebra, USSD, CCN,OCC,.

  • etc).

    - Working with business teams to implement new offers and to ensure:

    - a

  • Best practice technical design and deployment.

    - b

  • Full offers testing to avoid any customer complains.

    - c

  • Successful Commercial launch for offers within requested launch date.

    - d

  • No network outages or interruption or unexpected network load and utilization.

    - e

  • Improve customer experience and journey.

    - f

  • Meeting BU's objectives in term of IN revenue and cost optimization.

    - Responsible to integrate any IN systems with mobile and fixed networks, billing system, VAS, monitoring… etc according to universal standards (ISUP,MAP,INAP,SMPP, Diameter,.

  • etc) to ensure successful commercial launch for projects or business requests.

    - Working with the supplier to fix SW bugs and implemention any new features related to IN systems.

    - Supporting operational teams for troubleshooting and maintaining offers/promotions in case of any abnormal behavior or for any system related bugs.

    - Working with business team to evaluate a supplier for any new requetsed IN service and convert business requirements to technical ones.

    - Prepare reports and presentation for the management to facilitate the decision making process.

    - Support the marketing department for the commercial use of IN systems features by preparing feasibility studies and explanatory document for the new features that business can get benefit from.

    - Prepare short/long term Key Performance indicators for IN systems reports and utilization monitoring.

    - Support the billing, sales, CC, DWS & RA departments for all IN commercial launches.

    - Develop USSD menus related to offers and services.

    - Prepare netowrk impact report for new IN offers and services

  • Teamwork Skills, English Language Proficiency, Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills;

  • - Minimum of 2 years experience at IN or Similar domain.
  • - Bsc. degree in Telecommunication,Computer Engineering or Software Engineering.
Posted On
06 Apr, 2023
06 May, 2023

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