Job title: API Developer Expert - (Java Developer)

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Information Technology and Networks

  • Provide detailed description of existing and targeted IT architecture and  as well as generate list of rules to be applied via transformation streams to go from "Existing architecture" to "targeted architecture" and to maintain efficient and sustainable one.
  •  Support transformation streams by applying the above defined rules, to reach the targeted architecture
  •  Business requirements analysis, design and development for APIs to facilitate the integrations of various applications
  •  Analyze vendor's proposed solutions and validate detailed technical design of new projects in order to maintain this IT architecture.
  •  Expert  API Developer shall co-team with assigned Business PM and Technical PM to generate high level design of IT Archiecture and architectural rules and monitor proper implementation for it.
  • Generate/Validate and ensure that the low level design complies with the defined rules and standards, in order to maintain the IT infrastructure
  • Continuously update "targeted IT architecture" with related rules and streams, as per the guidelines given by Orange Group and new strategic initiatives and Trends(for example, "Big Data/Digital transformation")

    • that will require to review and update the rules and standards about IT architecture.
    • Provide risk analysis and longterm impact analysis to support decision makers with different architectural options/scenarios.
    • Proivde support, troubleshooting, root-cause analysis for reported incidents and problems related to APIs Layer.
    • Manage APIs Gateway, publish and monitor APIs proxies.
    • Prepare APIs consumption dashboards, analytics and reports.


  • Problem Solving, English Language Proficiency, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills;

  • - Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Software engineer.
  • - 6 years’ experience in Telecom Sector.
  • - Good understanding of business environment, processes, and systems development.
  • - Good understanding of APM and ability to work in agile mode.
  • - Excellent Command of English both written and spoken.
  • - Programming experience using state of the arts technologies and frameworks.
  • - Solid integration skills (SOAP, XMLRPC, TCP sockets, SOA, Microservices, Messaging…)
  • - Excellent Knowledge in Java, JavaEE, Python or similar languages.
  • - Solid integration skills (SOAP, XMLRPC, TCP sockets, SOA, Microservices, Messaging…)
  • - Solid understanding of APIs development: SOAP, REST, JSON
  • - Experience in Integration with is a plus: Ericsson BSCS CMS (CORBA), Ericsson CMS UCIP/ACIP (XML-RPC), Safaricom Gaia SOAP WS (SOAP), Microsoft Dynamics CRM (SOAP/REST)
  • - Knowledge in Architecture Frameworks: TOGAF, TMForum Frameworks (eTOM, TAM, SID, OpenAPIs)
Posted On
21 Feb, 2023
22 Mar, 2023

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