; Senior Value Added Services Engineer

Job title: Senior Value Added Services Engineer

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Senior Team Member
Information Technology and Networks

  • Work on multiple highly complex major VAS/Comm projects requiring innovative, original solutions
  • Plan multiple VAS projects simultaneously

    • Estimates, tracks & completes project on time and within budget.
    • Develop innovative VAS solutions to unique problems
    • Provide guidance to team members with specialty and with a detailed understanding of how multiple systems interact
    • Work independently with minimal supervision on day to day VAS/Comm activites
    • Help in building and improving the knowledgeable in all technical areas of the team objectives and having a demonstrated ability to help in achieving that level of proficiency in a short period of time
    • Help in RFP preparation and multi vendors evaluation with ability to present options and persuasively advocate for proposals
    • Work productively with vendors to prepare needed technical procedures for deploying new services
    • Responsible for VAS/Comm platforms design, dimensioning, planning and upgrades to ensure successful Commercial launch for services within time plan and budgeted cost with minimal outages
    • Work with business teams to implement new requests and to ensure:
    •   a
    • Best practice technical design and deployment
    •   b
    • Full services testing to avoid any customer complains
    •   c
    • Successful Commercial launch for services  within requested launch date 
    •   d
    • No network outages or interruption or unexpected network load and utilization 
    •   e
    • Improve customer experience and journey
    •   f.  Meeting BU's objectives in term of VAS revenue and cost optimization
    • Responsible to integrate VAS/Comm with mobile and fixed network, billing , IN system,monitoring… etc according to universal standards (ISUP, MAP, INAP, CAP,SMPP…).
    • Working with the supplier to fix SW bugs and implement any new features related to VAS/Comm systems
    • Testing and Evaluating for VAS/Comm services and to report technical testing results to MKT for decision
    • Prepare reports and presentation for the management to facilitate their decision
    • Define evolution and capacity forecast for the system architecture and dimensioning the network vertical and horizontal aligned with Group strategy in term of network evolution, Cost optimisation , network quality and customer satisfaction
    • Manage the setup of network routing plans, numbering plan, and parameters design to achieve optimal configurations and maximum resource usage
    • Put services launch technical strategy to ensure smooth running for the BU MKT plans
    • Update with the latest vendor development and new adopted specifications
    • Recommend software update, and system hardware upgrade,system configuration parmaters  to ensure best network quality and customer satisfaction

    Supporting operational teams for troubleshooting and maintaining services/promotions in case of any abnormal behavior or for any system related bugs.

  • Project Management, Good Communication, Teamwork Skills, English Language Proficiency, Presentation Skills;

  • Minimum of 3 to 4 years experience at VAS or Similar domain
  • - Bsc. Telecommunication, or computer engineering
Posted On
10 Oct, 2022
31 Oct, 2022

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