; Senior B2B and Wholesale Support Engineer

Job title: Senior B2B and Wholesale Support Engineer

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Senior Team Member
Information Technology and Networks

  • Manage, operate and implement access network activities related to access technologies (MW, IP DSLAM and Service Routers)
  • Manage, operate and implement  all B2B and WHS projects with the target TTD.
  • Manage, operate and follow all B2B and WHS customers faults with the target TTR
  • Follows-up orange offered access services and maintain them at best quality level.
  • Provide level 2 technical support and immediate intervention for orange services (IP VPN , AVPN and Internet leased lines) to achieve customer satisfaction and meet the SLA terms and conditions.
  • Support field team to deliver and maintain data / APN services.
  • Analyse and prepare the faults incidents reports  and recommend for the management the action plans needed to improve the customers experience.
  • Participate in designing, studying, feasibility and implementing for MPLS  interconnectivity solutions for large enterprise customers and capital projects with full collaboration with Engineering, Digital Service and EBU teams.
  • Provide technical support in MPLS and MCPE level for EBU team in handling customer complaints and remote support assistance requests through attending meetings, emails  and conference calls.
  • Provide technical support for Wholesale customers at MPLS level  through service activation and faults handling for different type of circuits  (NNI ,IPLC ,TRBH, ..etc ).

Maintain and update internet leased lines and wholesale support database in regular basis and Netboss service activation in both MPLS and MCPE levels for EBU customers  

  • Good Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork Skills, English Language Proficiency, B2B / Information and Communication Technology ;

  • - Excellent command of IP network technologies.
  • - Good Knowledge in access technologies, fixed and mobile
  • - CCNA/CCNP certificate is a must
  • - Wide knowledge and experience in networks troubleshooting mechanisms and procedures
  • - Multitasking to handle multiple tasks/projects simultaneously and deliver objectives effectively and on time.
  • - Good knowledge and experience in network designs and setups.
  • - Good knowledge and experience in network and security protocols and standards.
  • - Good knowledge and experience in different network and security techs, routers and switches.
  • - Bsc. Telecommunication (telecommunication, Electrical or Computer Engineering) with 3 years experience in IP service domain
Posted On
04 Oct, 2022
18 Oct, 2022

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