; Senior Billing Analyst

Job title: Senior Billing Analyst

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Senior Team Member
Information Technology and Networks

  • Develop, Implement, Maintain & Support Orange Billing Systems for:
  • Fixed Billing
  • Mobile Billing
  • Internet Billing
  • to achieve business requirements.
  • Develop, Implement, Maintain & Support JTG’s Billing Services
  • Call Collection
  • Provisioning
  • Bill Layout
  • Interconnect
  • to achieve business requirements.
  • Responsible for implementing and maintaining new requirements, reporting, modification, upgrade of system parameters, customization and/or new enhancements on Orange's Customer Management & Billing Systems based on customer requirements and market evolution to achieve Business requirements.
  • Assist department section head in analyzing, organizing, evaluating and study the feasibility of Implementing new services and features on Orange's Customer Management & Billing Systems and interfaces with other corporate systems to achieve Business requirements.
  • Contribute in the implementation of the Customer Management & Billing department yearly action plan according to Group Business Units requirements and priorities to achieve Business requirements.
  • Contribute and enforce the defined policies and procedures, systems parameters, system implementation and introduction of new services in-line with ITN-QMS.

  • Project Management, Good Communication, Teamwork Skills, English Language Proficiency;

  • - Bachelor degree in computer science, Computer engineering or CIS.
  • - Total 3 to 4 Years of experience, 2 years in related field
  • - Good Experience in Telecom related Systems.
  • - Strong technical, system architecture & development background related to service implementation on Billing, Mediation, CRM, Call Center & Telephony Solutions (PBX, IVR, CTI based systems, ACD, Workforce Management, Recording & Monitoring System, Auto-dialer Systems).
  • - Oracle SQL/PLSQL, Oracle Forms, Tools & Utilities, and UNIX / Linux, J2EE, JAVA, C, ASP.net, SQL server, WEB Development. Certificates in IT related fields are preferable.     
Posted On
06 Sep, 2022
27 Sep, 2022

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