; MEL Quality and Performance Senior Officer Staff - Limited Contract

Job title: MEL Quality and Performance Senior Officer Staff - Limited Contract

Job type
Job Level
Senior Team Member

  • Support in developing MEL Logical Framework based on Theory of Change that is able to track program performance, and assess outcomes, and the extent to which change is occurring as a result of interventions.
  • Support in fulfilling all MEL contractual obligations of donor's contract to ensure Orange commitments are covered including MEL component's monitoring, evaluation, learning, and reporting; Design Thinking Workshop(s); Market needs assessment for period of 2020 – 2025; Digital markets and inclusion mappings (2 mapping and analysis); and Global Innovation Index (GII) Tracking.
  • Support in reporting to the Program Manager on detailed progress of all related projects’ MEL components on monthly basis based on internal management system defined by Program Manager.
  • Run data collection, consolidation, cleaning, processing, analysis and reporting to ensure Orange is meeting targets and requirements committed for in Logical Framework.
  • Supporting holding review sessions and meetings with Orange team to discuss recommendations for improvement based on results of reports.
  • Coordinate with other needed team members, for example Facility Manager, to prepare for MEL events and workshops.
  • Support in holding collaborative annual progress and learning review sessions involving program’s stakeholders.
  • Participate in field visits and attend events, when needed, to deliver MEL related activities; this includes monitoring and evaluation sessions and workshops of all types.
  • Develop and provide Orange with interim and final Narrative and Financial Reports to meet donors’ reporting requirements; a demanding task at the end of every reporting period.
  • Develop progress dashboards to be presented to the higher management in internal monthly steerco.
  • Prepare and/or develop templates for documents/reports when needed in cases of extra internal requirements by Program Manager.
  • Collect and archive MEL documents in an organized manner to be ready for any spot-checks or review by Orange or the EU.
  • Deliver the following documents: (1) MEL Plan including a complete Logical Framework including activities to achieve and indicators to be measured to achieve targeted outputs, outcomes, impacts, and objectives as per proposal; (2) Indicators Sheets for each indicator identified, consisting of: type of indicator, definition of the indicator, calculation method, disaggregation (sex, age, and geographic location), data sources, data collection responsibility, and management utility; (3) Surveys and questionnaires for data collection; (4) Interim & Final Narrative & Financial Reports; and (5) other MEL related requested documents by donor and/or Orange Jordan.
  • Carry other MEL related tasks as requested by Programs Manager and MEL Quality and Performance Senior Officer.

  • Good Communication;

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in economic or business
  • +2 years practical experience in the design and implementation of organizational MEL systems, preferably for international NGOs such as EU, GIZ, USAID, UN Agencies
  • Experience writing findings and recommendations in assessment or evaluation reports
  • Knowledge of digital echosystem
Posted On
11 Aug, 2022
31 Oct, 2022

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