; Senior Store Keeper

Job title: Senior Store Keeper

Job type
Full time
Job Level
Senior Team Member
Sourcing and Supply Chain

- Receives commercial and technical materials based on purchase order specifications and Supply Chain internl policy.

- Checks the logistical quality of the received materials to ensure that they are aligned with the required specifications.

- Prepare and close orders in Oracle system -

Dispatch the WH orders according to WH principles such as FIFO.

- Fulfill elementary packaging operations and other value-added activities.

- Sort and place materials on racks according to predetermined sequence such as size, type,etc...

- Perform regular stock taking or upon request.

- Identify the materials through the use of proper documentation and labeling.

- Deliver products to drop-off locations and throughout the Organization service area upon request.

- Support the unfit materials selling activities at all Orange locations.

- Escort the WH customers during their visits according to the WH security procedures.

- Fulfill the general Safety requirments such as using the PPE's.

- Drive the materials handling tools; forklift, stacker and WH vehicals.

- Support the sub warehouses operations upon need

  • -

    Other duties may be assigned.

  • Good Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork Skills, English Language Proficiency;

  • - University Degree in Business administration, logistics or industrial engineering.
  • - At least 1-2 years’ experience in Logistics operations.
Posted On
08 Aug, 2022
09 Sep, 2022

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