; Strategic & Business Planning Expert

Job title: Strategic & Business Planning Expert

Job type
Full time
Job Level

- Execution of OJO strategic plan and programs, and deliver sustained long term improvements based on comprehensive analysis of Orange strategy, priorities and objectives.
- Oversee the evaluation of the executed program during various phases and their conformity with the standards are adopted to ensure that program objectives are achieved and deviations are avoided.
- Conduct program reviews and adjust as necessary for changes in program priorities.
- Prepare action plans to execute proposed projects in accordance with approved strategic plan.
- Work with main stakeholders/stream leaders in order to follow up and analyze main KPI’s and propose action plans when needed.
- support in preparing next year strategic execution plan through workshops and seminars.
- Setting targets for specific streams based on budget, in addition to build/update different streams based on high level strategic programs
- Setting up detailed dashboard and KPIs at monthly, quarterly/ bi-yearly level for each stream
- Operationalize/push forward new initiatives which not included in other SteerCos (e.g

  • Copper decommissioning, pruning, data profitability, new trends, etc.)
    - Support in setting up semiannual objectives for all business units, in addition to Quarterly achievements calculation and follow up
    - Prepare periodic business reviews for top management to present support units achievements

  • Communication Skills, Strategic planning, Analytical and research skills;

  • B.SC. in Marketing, Business Administration, Finance or Telecom Engineering.
  • - Minimum 5 years of experience in telecom or similar business.
Posted On
07 May, 2022
08 Jun, 2022

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