Job title: Risk & Compliance Manager

Job type
Full time
Job Level

  • Validate the conformity of new products / services with the regulations
  • Oversee the validation of new customer account openings after verification of KYC collected by the distribution
  • Communicate any mandatory information to the competent authorities: central bank reporting, launch of new product / service, declaration of suspicion and the information requested by these authorities
  • Define the Orange Money risk map and monitor the implementation and the updating with all the stakeholders
  • Performing the due diligence on new Clients, requesting the KYC and KYA information, documentation, review and verification of received documentation and making an analytical risk assessment for new Clients;
  • Thoroughly and succinctly document the research and analysis related to the financial activity and related entities of Clients;
  • Periodically evaluate existing Clients according to established policies and procedures;
  • Periodical review of KYC and KYA records as to completeness, including verifying that due diligence has been performed for the clients;
  • Define and implement Orange Money risk control plan
  • Monitor the risk management activity with a reporting of all incidents
  • Monitoring the implementation of progress actions (risk action plans)
  • Ensure that all activities are documented, updated and taking into account the management of the risk identified
  • Follow the evolution of major risks in a risk dashboard
  • Carry out controls defined within the framework of the annual control plan
  • Monitoring the implementation of corrective actions
  • Ensure the follow-up and implementation of the recommendations issued by the Regulator and the audit;
  • Design, deploy and monitor the implementation of operational controls to cover major risks
  • Coordinate with Jomopay and Finance the implementation of all controls matrix linked to the risk of e-value issuance activities
  • Produce the dashboard and reporting of the activities of the Risk Management and Internal

  • Creativity, Teamwork Skills, English Language Proficiency, Communication Skills, Analytical and research skills;

  • - University degree in Finance, Compliance, Audit, Risk Management
  • -minimum 5-8 years experience, 3 of them compliance, audit, and risk management
  • -Finance, Marketing, Computer Science , Engineering, Telecommunications or any related field
  • - Related experience in banking is a must
  • -CAMS certificate is a must
Posted On
11 Apr, 2022
11 May, 2022

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