; Fabrication Lab Master - Aqaba ( Limited Contract )

Job title: Fabrication Lab Master - Aqaba ( Limited Contract )

Job type
Job Level
Senior Team Member

  •  FabLab Management:
  • Improve and maintain the layout of the workplaces.
  •  Ensure the proper functioning and ongoing maintenance of equipment (machines, furniture, etc.).
  •  Ensure the technical and administrative management of the space, in particular through the implementation of internal regulations, access management, registrations and schedules.
  •  Coordinate visits and ensure compliance with the operating charter and the use of equipment.
  •  Interact with other Fablabs solidaires in the network to consolidate the maker community in Jordan.
  •  Document, share good practices and evaluate methods according to a plan.
  •  Maintain an inventory of the technical resources of the Fablab Solidaire.
  •  Design and develop training according to the different target populations.
  •  Report to manager indicators relating to finance and business development.
  •  FabLab Animation:
  •  Organize and promote events related to Fablab Solidaire.
  •  Set up an event calendar to support the notoriety of the Solidarity FabLab in coordination with other fablabs.
  •  Ensure the documentation of projects carried out in the Fablab Solidaire.
  •  Supporting idea bearers, Startups in the realization of their projects.
  •  Develop technological solutions for different projects.
  •  Ensures the monitoring of trainees work placement and continuous evaluation and contracts.
  •  Develops fab lab offering and positioning.
  •  Coordinating the sourcing and finance processes on contracts with partners.
  •  Welcoming new cohorts and ensuring they are well-integrated.
  •  keep connection with graduates.
  •  Participating in trainee progress stages and evaluation.
  •  Setting Fablab KPI's.
  •  Keep monitoring and reporting performance against set indicators and plans monthly/ quarterly, biyearly and yearly.

  • Project Management, Designing, Good Communication;

  • Bachelor in IT, Engineering (electronics, mechatronics, mechanical or product design)
  • 3+ years experience
  • Knowledge and use of numerically controlled machines (milling machine, laser engraver, 3D printers)
Posted On
28 Mar, 2022
29 Apr, 2022

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